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Inside USA Diving (International - 1 Year]

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Inside USA Diving [U.S. - 1 Year]

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Safety Training Manual (2nd Ed)

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USA Diving Coach Development Reference Manual

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Springboard & Platform Diving - 2nd Ed.
Inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1988, Ron O’Brien coached two-time Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis and many others during his extensive reign as the U.S. Olympic team’s head diving coach. Now, in the latest edition of Springboard & Platform Diving, the best-known diving coach in the United States shares new information and training plans never before published. Along with a wealth of technical instruction, Springboard & Platform Diving gives you the fundamentals of the sport. O’Brien shows you how to plan for the training year and adapt the six-week peaking-for-competition program he used for training champion athletes. From solid fundamentals to fine-tuned movements that add aesthetic appeal for judges, O’Brien describes each type of dive in detail. He augments his instruction with numerous sequential illustrations that highlight the best and most current technical elements of each dive. A special boardwork checklist will help coaches and divers pinpoint deficient skills. Springboard & Platform Diving provides readers inside information once exclusively reserved for the world’s best. This book is a one-of-a-kind blueprint for diving success, written by the best coach in the sport.
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A Comprehensive View of Competitive Diving
One of the world's foremost diving coaches, shares his techniques that changed the lives of hundreds of coaches and divers worldwide. In clear, vivid language, this remarkable book reveals a reality changing blueprint for accomplishing great things in all areas of the sport of diving. An account of professional ambition, coach and diver relationships and of course, applied mechanical principles and movement analyses. A must for aspiring coaches and divers. -John Wingfield, Director/Head Coach National Training Center
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