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 Pioneer Winter Classic
Date/Time:Saturday, Dec. 8, 2018 (6:00 PM) - Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018 (6:00 PM)
Sponsor Club/Assn:Midwest Diving Academy
USAD Meet Details
USAD Meet Description

Event 1 

  Group E Girls 3m (9 & Under)   Rule  
  Group D Girls 3m (11 & Under)   Rule  
  Group C Girls 3m (12-13)   Rule  
  Group B Girls 3m (14-15)   Rule  
  Group A Girls 3m (16-18)   Rule  
  Group A+ Women 3m (19-20 9 dives)   Rule  
  Group E Boys 1m (9 & Under)   Rule  
  Group D Boys 1m (11 & Under)   Rule  
  Group C Boys 1m (12-13)   Rule  
  Group B Boys 1m (14-15)   Rule  
  Group A Boys 1m (16-18)   Rule  
  Group A+ Men 1m (19-20 10 dives)   Rule  

Event 2 
  Group E Girls 1m (9 & Under)   Rule  
  Group D Girls 1m (11 & Under)   Rule  
  Group C Girls 1m (12-13)   Rule  
  Group B Girls 1m (14-15)   Rule   
  Group A Girls 1m (16-18)   Rule  
  Group A+ Women 1m (19-20 9 dives)   Rule  
  Group E Boys 3m (9 & Under)   Rule  
  Group D Boys 3m (11 & Under)   Rule  
  Group C Boys 3m (12-13)   Rule  
  Group B Boys 3m (14-15)   Rule  
  Group A Boys 3m (16-18)   Rule  
  Group A+ Men 3m (19-20 10 dives)   Rule  

Will follow Subpart E—Masters Diving (USA Diving Competitive and Technical Rules).   Please include these rules as you did with Events 1 and 2.  Thank you. 

Registration for synchro will be on deck

SUNDAY, December 9, 2018

2.  SATURDAY, December 8, 2018
     WARM UP TIME: 7-9pm
     Sunday, December 9, 2018
     WARM UP TIME: 7:00 am to 8:30 a.m.
     START TIME:  8:30am 

3.   This meet is sanctioned by USA Diving

4.    USA Diving Rules apply to Master Class

5.    Price per event:

6.     Late Fee?
        No.  Divers are required to sign up using divemeets.com.  


Name of Meet:
The Grinnell Invitational

Russell K. Osgood Pool
120110th Avenue
Grinnell,Iowa 50112

Two 1 Meter Maxiflex Model B
Two 3 Meter Maxiflex Model B
Durafirm sandards—13 ft depth.

Please use divemeets.com to register. 
Deadline is October 7, 2018—please decide

Synchronized diving, sign up on deck.

Synchronized Diving Rules:
Any 6 dives and d.d. (jumps and lines ups are 1.0).   

Open to all divers registered with USA Diving for 2018.  All Athlete Registrations must be made online at www.usadiving.org.

2018 U.S. Diving Rules will apply to all competition.  

Medals for 1-6 Places.

Contact Information:

Coach Michael Retelsdorf

Bobbie Nelson
Location & Contact Information
Pool:Russell K. Osgood Pool
1201 So 10th Ave
Grinnell, IA  50012
USAD Meet Contact:Michael Retelsdorf
Additional Information
Event Category:
Junior Age Group(s):
9 & Under
11 & Under
12 - 13
14 - 15
16 - 18
Age determination rules for this event:
FINA Age Group (As of 12/31 of current year)
Disciplines included in this event:
1 Meter
3 Meter

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